Gallery 47 – Bad Production 2 [EP] Out April 6th 2018 on iTunes / Amazon Music

2018 – ‘Young World’ [LP] and ‘Bad Production 2’ [EP] are Out Now!

2017 – ‘Bad Production EP’ & ‘Adversity Breeds’ [LP] are Out Now!

You Have Come To The Wrong Place…
Or have you? What are you looking for?
Are you looking for me? Are you sure?
Well there we have it. There we do.
You know they make us use Facebook too.
Is this a poem!? I won’t have any of it!
Lately they’ve been saying I should also
Get an Instagram account, so that I might
Tender myself to the youth!
Is there a web designer here? Was that a text widget!?
Who ever did know? I am now managed by no one.
Let us wait to see the madness and famine which results.

Adversity Breeds Draft 01.png
‘Adversity Breeds’ LP – The New Album by Gallery 47 – 22nd September 2017
Gallery 47 is a work of fiction created by a multicultural team of PR newts.
21/07/2017, Bank Station, London.

2016 – ‘Clean’ [LP] is out now on iTunes / Amazon Music.